Pentagram Altar
Pentagram Altar with Crystals
Pentagram Altar with Crystals
Pentagram Altar obsidian
selenite stick

Pentagram Altar with Crystals

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Pentagram Altar with Crystals


Altar: Obsidian Pentagram 
Diameter :  7.9-8.5 cm
Thickness :  6-12 mm

CrystalsClear Quartz,Amethyst,Lapis Lazuli,Green Aventurine,Red Aventurine and Carnelian
Selenite Sticks : 3* 14.5* 0.9 cm

Shape of Stones and their Brief Meaning: 
Sphere –    Unity, completeness, integrity
Merkaba -  Inter-dimensional vehicles which transport spirit and body between dimensions
Tetrahedron – Fire –   Create change with caution
Cube (Hexahedron) – Earth –   Patience and consistency
Octahedron – Air –  Balance, grace, diplomacy, learning
Dodecahedron – Spirit –  Trust in Spirit
Icosahedron – Water –    Go with the flow, trust the universe


What is a Pentagram?

The pentagram is much older than you might think. It was used as a symbol to represent a corner or a nook in early Sumerian cuneiform. Pentemychos, meaning five corners or five recesses was what Pherecydes of Syros called his cosmogony, referring to the seeds of Chronos placed within the Earth for the cosmos to appear. This work was lost to history but it influenced many others that came after it, right into Hellenic times.

 It was a sacred symbol to Pythagoras.  All major Greek architecture and some significant Egyptian architecture were designed according to this proportion, think of the Parthenon or the Great Pyramid of Giza.  And the most pleasing art makes use of this principle to establish composition. This is what we recognize as perfect natural symmetry, much of our nature is constructed according to this ratio: including trees, leaves, animal skeletal systems, nervous systems, flowers, molecular compounds, crystalline structures, astronomical systems to the structure of the human body.  For this reason it is sometimes also called “the Divine Proportion.” The pentagram is constructed entirely by the Golden Ratio.

Pentagrams also represent the balance of the elements. The four elements of earth, air, water and fire and the fifth one representing Spirit. In some traditions pentagrams are drawn in different ways to invoke the powers of the four elements


Pentagram Altar with Crystals


Pentacles and pentagrams are also used as protection. The magical principle behind this is that you are asking all of the energies of the gods and the universe to pool their resources to help you. Sometimes the pentacle is used as a tangible, magical shield to protect you against danger and attack.




How to Set Up an Altar

Creating a crystal altar serves as a physical embodiment of your devotion to your intention and practice. An altar is simply a special, sacred place where you keep your collection of healing crystals, spiritual tools and meaningful items. It is a sacred way to invite spiritual energies into your space and reinforce your intention.

Taking the time and energy to create your crystal altar and seeing it on a daily basis shows your mind the importance and significance this intention holds for you. With the placement of every crystal and symbolic item on your sacred altar, you are putting the energy of your intention out into the universe. Your altar can be large or small, simple or elaborate. These things do not matter, but the space it holds does. Your altar dedicates a space to the things that are the most important to you, adds beauty to your home and gives you a creative outlet to express your goals and ideals.

  • Set up your altar on a new moon.The new moon represents a new beginnings, and thus this is the ideal time to “plant new seeds” and set new intentions. You can turn recreating your altar space into your monthly new moon ritual
  • Keep your altar clean and dust-free.You always want to keep your altar space maintained, clean and uncluttered to show your devotion to this space. It’s a special space that you honor, so if you’re neglecting your altar, you can bet that you’re neglecting your intention.
  • Take your time.Don’t just throw it together. To ensure that your intention is clear, make sure your head is in the right place and you aren’t flustered or rushed as you set up your altar.
  • Trust your intuition.When arranging and choosing the items for your crystal altar, listen to your intuition and trust your gut. Don’t get caught up in what other images of altars look like. This space is for YOU. So create a space that expresses your truth.
Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the Pentagram Altar with Crystals is for you.

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