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Blue Jasper crystal Bracelet
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blue Jasper Bracelet
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Jasper Crystal Bracelet

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Jasper Crystal Bracelet

Length: 17 cm
Material: Zinc Alloy, Handmade Leather Cord


Ocean Jasper Healing Properties


The colorful Ocean Jasper crystal reverberates with the unpredictability of earth and its seemingly unlimited layers. In case you're suffocating in an ocean of tears filled with foreboding shadows of cynicism, warm up the heart chakras with the Ocean Jasper crystal, an amazing yet calming power that guides us back to our characteristic condition of euphoria and Maison de Vivre.


Discovered thousands of years ago, the Ocean Jasper crystal stone significance is related to the genuine love that originates from lighting a fire in the heart chakra. Jasper fills in as the beacon on your otherworldly journey over the oceans to a higher awareness. An uncommon stone that originates from one spot on the planet – Madagascar – the outwardly striking pattern of Ocean Jasper gives it a practically supernatural appearance.

A kind of chalcedony, this multi-shaded stone joins a ground-breaking mixed drink of minerals that developed from the magma floods of volcanoes. In a synergistic influx of restorative vibes, Ocean Jasper reminds us to live with a receptive outlook and an empathetic heart by assisting with connecting the sacral and heart chakras. Access the warm and rich vibes of this energetic stone by meditating with it as part of your regular wellness routine. In peaceful contemplation, gaze at your cleansed and activated stone, noticing any thoughts that come up and taking inventory of your mind-body-spirit. Set the mood for spiritual expansion by lighting a candle and placing Ocean Jasper on a white cloth. During this restorative session, request the stone to remove the negative energy keeping you away from your actual potential. Each time you meditate with Ocean Jasper, it takes you deeper, which makes everyday practice fundamental for a reawakening of the spirit.


Keep this uncommon and one of a kind stone in your assortment and relax in its radiating circles that covers a wide spectrum, including delicate, downplayed shades of pink, yellow, dark, white, gold, green, and darker. With its bizarre circles, bits, and twirls, this all-in-one mending crystal promotes unwinding by reconnecting your internal soul to the earth and its recuperating vibrations. In a cutting edge world shut off from nature, the Ocean Jasper crystal meaning harnesses the purifying and therapeutic forces of earth and its rhythmic flow that supports the endless pattern of life.

If stress is to be blamed for your burnout, snatch an Ocean Jasper crystal stone and head out into the forest for a therapeutic session of forest bathing. Combining the ancient Zen tradition of meditation with the healing effects of nature, think about the interconnection of everything as your lungs and soul rejuvenate from the super oxygenated air of the forest and its quiet serenity. Energize your aura by seeing the nature in full blossom and the sun rays radiating through the branches.

A stone of happiness and mindful awareness, the Ocean Jasper crystal meaning is connected with its capacity to empower deep relaxation, making it the natural Valium in your crystal medical aid pack. Include Ocean Jasper to quiet down a ramped up nervous system. Place a stone over the solar plexus chakra and envision its unadulterated light mending your mind-body-soul with the most elevated vibrations of our nurturing planet. During this crystal purification, feel the calming effects of pressure decrease as your adrenals realign and become open and balanced.

blue jasper bracelet


With regard to old emotional injuries, the Ocean Jasper crystal healing properties are superb for relieving past distresses. To capitalize on these healing benefits, program the stone with the particular aim of recuperating and letting go. Try not to let the tough memories of the past keep you from vibrating at your most elevated potential today. After all, if you want to get to the next chapter of your life, you must stop re-reading the last chapter. Moving on takes forgiveness and Ocean Jasper invigorates us to overlook our errors and the insight to recall the exercise. This charming stone shows empathy, advising us that when we light a light for somebody, it likewise lights up our own way. Dive deep with the Ocean Jasper crystal properties by looking at the stone in thoughtfulness. Utilizing the Zen meditation method, gaze at the stone, and notice its extraordinary arrangement of emanating delicate circles that is spread on a wide spectrum. These qualities make it stand out in the crystal world and furthermore resonates with the delicate and steady vitality of the Ocean.


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 If Jasper has found its way onto your spiritual path, it could be a sign that you might be courting a case of existential burnout. Give your body and spirit the energy it needs to breathe new life into a creative project or sense of purpose. Known as the lucky charm for actors and actresses, Jasper is a bold stone that empowers the spirit and prepares you for your moment in the spotlight.



Echoing the brilliant and miraculous colors of life on the planet, this dusty and dense stone is linked with the root chakra, the energy center that anchors us to the earth and keeps us stable, even during stormy weather. Jasper crystal properties are known for helping to inspire you to act on your passions, so if you notice an increase in your couch potato habits like marathoning TV shows, it's time to call on the gentle yet powerful healing properties of this rustic and stable stone. One of the best root chakra stones, Red Jasper is like an adrenaline rush to your life force energy. It works by waking up and energizing any areas of your body that feel sluggish or inactive. By inspiring a positive, joyful attitude, you'll have the energy, inspiration, and motivation to take action and make your dreams come true.

The Jasper crystal stone meaning is associated with the reflection of natural landscapes that have evolved on earth's surface over the millennia. Next time you walk barefoot in the soil, remember that you are literally on top of the world. The source of minerals in organic substances, the dirt itself provides sustenance to all living things and serves as the basis for everything that lives. In other words, the earth is more than just dirt and sand. It is life itself. The deep brown varieties of Jasper reflect this intrinsic wisdom of nature and its ability to evolve and adapt over millions of years.



When it comes to manifesting strength, courage, and wisdom, the Jasper crystal is your all-in-one stone that resonates with the earth and its seemingly endless layers of colors and shades. Like a beautifully painted landscape, these unique stones echo the vast and complex ecosystem and its integral part of the life-giving elements of the planet.

Made up of a varied group of stones, the Jasper crystal meaning comes from its different ratios of microcrystalline quartz combined with silicon dioxide. This combination of minerals gives it its opaque appearance and colors that range from red and brown to yellow and green. Thanks to its earthy appearance and powerful grounding effects, the Jasper crystal is often included in healing layouts, particularly Red Jasper, a variety known as one of the best root chakra stones. By energizing and purifying your center energy field, Jasper helps open up the root chakra to all other energy centers in the body.

Dating back to ancient civilizations, shamans and healers from the days of old wore protective talismans and amulets that contained Jasper stones in strong masculine shades like brown and red, the colors of earth and blood, the essence of life. Here's an interesting historical tidbit--derived from the Persian word for 'treasurer,' the Jasper crystal meaning can be traced back to biblical times. According to legend, this name was traditionally assigned to the wise men--also known as Magi or three kings--who are said to have visited the new-born Jesus.


Associated with Picasso, Jasper crystal healing properties are the go-to energy prescription for curing creative blocks, especially Ocean Jasper, a variety marked by abstract swirls, specs, and bands in vibrant colors of the rainbow from blue and green to yellow and pink. While different varieties of Jasper are known for their unique Crystal healing properties, all of these strong and earthy stones encourage grounding and stability by connecting us to nature at a deeper level. Keep a Jasper crystal stone in your work-space for a constant flow of its grounding vibes, the first step in the creative process.

If you feel spiritually lost and find yourself creatively blocked by negative thought patterns or lack of enthusiasm, grounding gives you the focus you need to tap into your creative life energy and transform it into an experience of creation. Jasper is the perfect wing-man for a creative journey because it helps open you up to the infinite possibilities of creativity within your mind.

Jasper crystal healing properties lead the way to prosperity, creativity, and pure joy, so grab your stone pieces, put on your gemstone jewelry, and get ready for the opportunity to rock!

The Jasper Crystal Bracelet is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

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