Ammolite Drop Earrings
Ammolite water Drop Earrings
Ammolite  Earrings
Ammolite Earrings
Ammolite Drop Earrings

Ammolite Drop Earrings

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Ammolite Drop Earrings


Weight: 7-8 grams
Metal: Copper, Zinc Alloy
Water Drop: 43x9.5x4.5 mm
Diamond: 41x21x6 mm

Ammolite Healing Properties


    Ammolite is also known as aapoak (Kainah for "small, crawling stone"). An iridescent opal-like play of color is shown in exceptional specimens, mostly in shades of green and red; all the spectral colors are possible, however. The iridescence is due to the microstructure of the Aragonite.

Unlike most other Crystals, whose colors come from light absorption, the iridescent color of Ammolite comes from interference with the light that rebounds from stacked layers of thin platelets that make up the Aragonite. The thicker the layers, the more Reds and Greens are produced; the thinner the layers, the more Blues and Violets predominate. Reds and Greens are the most commonly seen colors, owing to the greater fragility of the finer layers responsible for the blues. When freshly Mined, these colors are not especially dramatic. The material requires polishing and possibly other treatments in order to reveal the colors full potential.

Named the "Seven Color Prosperity Stone", each color is considered by Healers to influence the wearer in different and positive ways, a combination of Ruby Red, Emerald Green, and Amber Yellow is most sought after for this purpose, the colors being said to heighten growth, enlightenment, and wealth, respectively.

You’ll discover that Ammolite and its strength could do the work of several coffees!

Better still that revitalized feeling seems to last more consistently, but fades naturally out like an ebbing tide once you’re settling to sleep. As you can imagine, stable blood pressure also does wonders to combat stress. If you’re ever feeling especially under pressure, it’s advisable to sit and meditate, or just be still, with a piece of your favorite Ammolite in your hand.


The name Ammolite is from the name of the Ancient Egyptian God Ammon, who was represented by a head of a ram with twisted horns. The shells of prehistoric Ammonites also looked very similar to this ram’s head.

 The Ammonite shells are the perfect symbolism of the golden mean spiral, which is the representation of the Fibonacci sequence of numbers! Perfection, wisdom, and knowledge are the three traits that are best associated with Ammolite. This stone is believed to hold the energies and vibrations of the universe.

 Ammonite is normally used by crystal healers and FengShui teachers to bring about personal awakening. It will show you how you can harmonize with your environment on a physical and spiritual level.

 Ammolite is a very protective stone. It works with the root chakra, and it will channel your energies and help you perfectly tune them. It will bring you prosperity, fortune, and luck. It’s also a stone that will help you reach deep meditative states.

 When you use it in combination with Chrysocolla, it will give you the strength of body, mind, and spirit. The energies of this Crystal will also support you as you find your spiritual path. It also has the ability to make you remember your past lives.


 Ammolite Stone is considered as a powerful element. The experts and masters healers believe that due to Ammolite’s origin from the core of the earth, it has absorbed a lot of cosmic energies, and hence it is considered as a powerful stone. Often referred to as “seven-color priority stone”, all the seven colors of Ammolite signifies some power.

  • Red stimulates progress and energy.
  • Yellow improves wound.
  • Green improves intelligence, wisdom and promotes the self-governing spirit.
  • Orange generates imagination and increased libido.
  • Blue, Indigo, and Violet all stimulate well-being and peacefulness.

Ammolite Crystal is believed to bring happiness to the family. It reduces toxicity and ensures the well-being of the wearer. It is believed that whosoever wears Ammolite benefits its wearer with fortune and prosperity. When you use this stone often enough, it will also enhance your dreams and give you prophetic dreams.

This Crystals healing energies can also regulate the metabolism and lift depression. It’s known to work with detoxifying and purifying the body as well. You’ll find that you tend to feel a welcome upswing in energy when you start keeping Ammolite around.


 It is believed that Ammolite can absorb the cosmic energies from the universe and that within this stone, whoever wears it will also absorb the energies of good health, abundance, and enlightenment.

Ammolite Crystal brings about a circulation of energy, making you feel more stable, protected, and grounded in your life. It will also do the same to any space that this stone is placed.

Ammolite Crystal energies will provide you with a kind of stability that’s dynamic. Never stagnant or stale! Carry a piece of Ammolite with you or wear it as jewelry to attract more good luck and financial prosperity.

When you wear an Ammolite pendant, it will also help you achieve balance in your body, mind, and spirit. It will help you reach a healthy and serene state. Put an Ammolite stone near your bed at night so that you will also experience lucid or prophetic dreams!

When you place a piece of Ammolite inside your home, you can transform any negative energy present and bring in more peace and harmony. It will also boost the vitality of all the people who reside there, as well as all your visitors


The Ammolite Drop Earrings was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

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