Crystals, Rejuvenation- Spiritual Cleansing,Jewellery and Over all Well-Being


Our collection of crystal jewellery is specially designed for an intention of well-being, from happiness and kindness to prosperity and abundance.

We also feature necklaces and bracelets for focus and clarity, empowerment, and much more. When you follow your heart, it’s easy to choose the best crystal jewellery for your healing needs. Using the synergistic power of healing crystals, we have designed each piece to maximize its cleansing and restorative powers. Whether you need an all-over chakra cleanse, a grounding bracelet, or general happiness and balance, we have the perfect jewellery for uplifting your soul.


Each crystal carries its own beneficial, purifying and unique healing properties. For instance, Rose-Quartz brings the energy of love, encourages dreaming and helps you to get a restful night of sleep when placed in the bedroom. Amethyst helps to create a balanced sanctuary in your home. It rids the space of all negative energy and replaces it with positive energy. Quartz Crystal, or Clear Quartz, radiates large amounts of positive energy and has the ability to be programmed with an beneficial intentions. Knowing which crystals affect which areas of your life is the key to create a harmonious living space. Healing crystals from Lovingly Prithvi can help you discover a new, invigorating environment.

Trust your intuition when choosing the perfect healing crystal for you. Close your eyes and envision your desired intention or energy in your mind. Then open your eyes and look at Lovingly Prithvi's healing crystals. Usually, you will be drawn to certain crystals and these are the ones you should choose. Find the one that is perfect for you