Valentine’s Crystal Gift Guide


Raw Amazonite: For the hopelessly optimistic, adventurous soul, Raw Amazonite is the perfect fit. This stone vibrant color and energy will suit your partner’s spontaneity and love for life!

Rose Quartz Roller: If you want to give your partner a really luxurious gift, get them a Rose Quartz Roller. A crystal massager will allow them to soothe away the stress of the day with the gentle energy of love.

Pink Amethyst Geode: Encourage your partner to relax with the calming vibes of a Pink Amethyst Geode. Pink Amethyst has the same tranquil energy of regular Amethyst, but its pale pink hue also opens the heart to channel the energy of love.


Love Bracelet: Wearing Love Bracelet will allow your special someone to feel loved and supported, all day long. The energy of this pretty pink bracelet is packed with loving vibes.

Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks: Show your partner that you’re one lucky duck for getting to be with them! This cute pair of Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks sit atop an Aventurine lily pad, combining the loving energy of Rose Quartz with the luck boosting the energy of Aventurine. Mandarin Ducks are known to mate for life, and have long been considered a symbol of lasting love in China.

Amethyst Heart: Share the gentle, loving vibes with your partner by giving them an Amethyst Heart. An Amethyst Heart is the perfect stone to bless their spirit with love + relaxation.

Raw Rose Quartz: As the stone of unconditional love, there’s really no crystal more romantic than Rose Quartz. Every time your partner sees this chunk of Raw Rose Quartz in their home, they’ll be reminded of you, and the unconditional love they feel for you.

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