The Power of Using Red Gemstones

The color red is traditionally associated with fire, passion, warmth, and vitality. In China, red is the color of prosperity and joy; brides traditionally wear red on their wedding day and the doors of businesses are often painted red. Red Gemstones can be used to strengthen your body, encourage motivation & courage and to re-energize your mind, body, and spirit. Working with and carrying red crystals gives you the courage to move forward in life and achieve your dream. They revive your passion and lust for life, inspiring you to take action and go after what you want. Red stones, as well as black, are also associated with the root chakra and are powerful for root chakra healing.


A few of our favorite red gemstones are Red Jasper, Red Garnet and Mookaite. Working with and wearing these healing stones re-energizes your body and soul to reawaken your spirit and ready you to face the day. Here are a few helpful “crystal tips” about each of our favorite red crystals: 

Passion-igniting Red Jasper crystals meaning promotes finding your soul purpose. Placing red jasper stones at the foot of your bed is said to increase passion and liven up your sex life. Putting it underneath your pillow is believed to help you remember your dreams better. During the winter months, many people say that wearing red jasper helps protect you from catching colds and the flu. If you find yourself stuck in a pickle where you, and you can’t figure out how to solve a problem, hold red jasper to find a new way of doing something or to come up with a new idea. If you are really searching for an area in which to focus, create a circle of red jasper to sit within, as it is said to create a focused environment.

Life-enhancing Red Garnet creates positive change and brings a surge of energy into your life. Wearing these healing stones boosts your vitality and is believed to make you more appealing and attractive to the opposite sex. Placing a small garnet crystal in your coin purse or wallet is said to attract prosperity and abundance. Putting a large piece of garnet, or a pile of garnet stones, at the head of your bed is said to ease depression. When your life starts to spin out of control, and you feel too overwhelmed, meditate while holding these healing crystals to reduce chaos in your life. It is believed that wearing a garnet bracelet on your left wrist will draw new spiritual ideas to you, but wearing one on your right wrist will magically create change in your life.

Balancing Mookaite enhances communication and positive outcomes. Note: not all Mookaite stones you will find will be red; sometimes they are more purple, orange or yellow, yet the crystal meanings remain the same. Placing Mookaite in your home is said to encourage good behavior from children. Carry it, along with Carnelian, on job interviews to increase your confidence and self-esteem. Many people have said that Mookaite can help slow the effects of aging and promote weight loss, helping you to embrace a “younger,” more vibrant attitude. If you are an artist or are in a creative field, keep Mookaite in your workspace to encourage creativity and inspiration. You can also hold these stones when you are feeling lonely, as they will provide you with comfort and support.

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