How to Burn Sage

If you’re wondering how to cleanse your home with sage, the method we use is super easy. Our sage cleansing kihas everything you need for a sage cleansing practice. The abalone shell can be used as a receptacle and ashtray for various cleansing tools such as a sage stick and Frankincense In order to protect the beautiful iridescent luster of mother-of-pearl, we recommend placing a small amount of white sand at the bottom of the shell, which will also help put out the burning sage quickly and easily. After several uses, the sand can be replaced for a fresh cleansing session with sage or other cleansing tools.

First, make sure all doors and windows are open so that the negative energy can leave your home. Then light the sage for 30 seconds and blow on it, which will create enough smoke for cleansing and neutralizing any toxins. Using the feather in our sage cleansing kit, waft the smoke into the corners, ceilings, and other small areas of your home, especially since these places can accumulate negative energy over time. We like to start our sage cleansing practice at the front door, which helps keep out negative energy from the outside.

Holding the sage stick, follow the perimeter of the door and work your way around the edge of each room, paying special attention to areas where there were arguments, such as living rooms and bedrooms. To go even deeper with your cleansing, you can also say a mantra out loud, which will resonate with your heart and also enhance the energy field with the sounds of your voice.

You can also take this time to enhance the healing powers of your crystal collection by cleansing them with sage smoke while also reinforcing the intention you have programmed for each one. Simply hold each crystal in your hand and let the sage smoke completely envelop it. Then, ask the sacred wisdom of the plant to purify and cleanse the stone for the maximum benefit of its recharged and activated frequencies.

You can make your sage cleansing routine even more powerful when you include the smoke of the sacred Palo Santo wood, which helps balance the earthy and woodsy smell of white sage with a sweet, honey-like aroma. Burning Palo Santo is similar to sage, but it needs to be blown on more often in order to maintain its trail of smoke. After you light the stick of wood, wait until you see a flame and then start blowing on it continuously while you walk around the perimeter of each room.

Using the feather in our sage cleansing kit, make sure to waft smoke into hallways, closets, and other tight spaces where energy can get stagnant. While you’re at it, go into the bathroom and burn sage under the toilet seats and tight corners. Finish your sage cleansing session at the back door and then put out the embers of the sage stick. Or, you can also let it slowly burn out if you need an extra dose of cleansing. When you walk to your home, you’ll be able to notice the subtle difference of a cleansed and balanced space.

Another sweet smelling cleansing tool is Frankincense, which can enhance the purifying powers of sage and Palo Santo even more. Also called “the Transformer,” Frankincense has strong detoxifying and purifying properties and a sweet aroma that helps to absorb negative energy. Also nicknamed “Liquid Gold,” Frankincense is known in some cultures to provide protection, elevate spiritual awareness, and ease feelings of stress and anxiety.

If your home has experienced any illnesses or heated arguments, we advise using a combination of cleansing tools on a daily basis, including a white sage stick, Palo Santo wood, and Frankincense.

If you are sensitive to smoke or live in an apartment where it isn’t allowed, the essential oils of white sage and Palo Santo can be combined in a spray bottle with purified water. You can enhance this cleansing spray even more by infusing the water with the healing properties of raw crystals such as Rose Quartz and Aquamarine, two of our favorite gemstones for the heart chakra.

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