5 Crystals to Help You Focus on Yourself

Although at its core, the New Year is a time to grow and evolve in a positive manner, it can also be overwhelming. As you identify and begin to pursue a variety of new goals, you may find yourself feeling as though you are taking on too much, or even as though your goals and intentions are dragging you down. You may start to feel discouraged if you slip up, or you may find yourself falling into old patterns. 

Rather than losing hope or losing steam, it’s important to take some time during the first month of the year for yourself. Remember to be kind to yourself, take care of yourself, and work toward only the goals that serve you. To help you make this time period a little bit easier, here are our favorite Healing Crystals to help you focus on yourself and what you need. 

Clear Quartz for aligning with your higher self

As you are setting goals and intentions for the year to come, Clear Quartz can help you make sure that they align with your truest, highest self! This crystal raises your vibration and clears your head so you can see your life from a higher perspective. Working with Clear Quartz enables you to avoid getting caught up in a journey that is not uniquely yours by connecting with your higher self and clearing your mind of any distractions. From this state of complete clarity, you can move forward with manifesting your dreams. 

Lapis Lazuli for taking the lead in your life

If you are ready for a big breakthrough or shift in your life in 2020, it’s time to grab hold of the wheel and start steering yourself in the right direction. As a stone of authenticity and power, Lapis Lazuli teaches you to step into your power and authentic self. You are in the driver’s seat and have the power to go where you want to go. All you have to do is trust yourself and feel empowered to take charge! 

Aquamarine for accepting yourself

Sometimes, as we go through periods of dramatic change, we can become overly critical or self-judgmental. But just as important as looking forward and having goals is accepting and embracing yourself exactly as you are. Aquamarine has a soft and soothing energy that teaches you to go easy on yourself. Be gentle with yourself during this process, and remember that you do not need to change in order to be worthy. 

Chrysocolla for starting fresh in your life 

Let the new decade be a signal to the universe that you are ready to start fresh. When you notice yourself falling into old patterns of behavior, Chrysocolla can remind you that you have the chance for a new beginning in any area of your life. The motivating and inspiring energy of this crystal encourages you to embrace change and new possibilities. If you want to make a change, there’s no better time than right now. 

Ocean Jasper for prioritizing yourself

Even though smashing your goals might seem like you’re doing something for yourself, it can be both tiring and stressful! Amongst the chaos of new projects and goals, Ocean Jasper can help you make sure that you are making time for yourself to refuel and recharge. The nurturing energy of the stone reminds you that it’s important and unselfish to care for yourself. Whether it’s a short meditation, a walk-in nature, or even just waking up 5 minutes later, give yourself some time each day that is just for you.

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